Paul Barrett

About Me

I have been in the production business since 1981, when I started as an intern for a local PBS television station. Even then, at 16, I knew I wanted to be a producer, and I got my first chance that same year when another station decided to do a fluff piece on the then growing fad of Dungeons and Dragons. They found a group of gamers, one of which was me, and I volunteered to help put the whole thing together. This was my first taste of making things happen, and I was hooked. (Some would say that’s when the control freak in me came out, but they’re just jealous)

Since then, I have produced two feature films, two documentaries, a music video, and numerous commercials and industrial videos. I’ve watched the industry change dramatically, and I’ve dabbled in every aspect of production I could manage, from grip to first assistant director to script supervisor, and many things in between. A good producer needs to experience things from the crew’s point of view, so they can not only treat their crew fairly but also know what the responsibilities of a position are and when they’re being done correctly.

As a writer, I have two published short stories, one self-published book, and another book making the rounds to agents. I’ve also written a large number of commercials and industrial videos, and have won three awards (two Communicator awards and one Telly) for productions I’ve written and produced.

I was born and raised in Charlotte NC, and still live there. When I’m not producing or project managing, I work as a props assistant or set dresser, and continue my writing, working mainly in the fantasy and horror genres. But I’m willing to try anything.